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Kelly Mentzou was born in Athens. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (at prof. Dimosthenis Kokkinidis and then prof. I. Valavanidis department), from which she graduated in 2002 with an ΄΄Excellent΄΄degree. During the years from 2000 untill 2002, she also attended the laboratory and theoretical courses of Mosaic, Photography, Psychology and Art Teaching. She has performed three individual painting -mixed technique- exhibitions  and she has participated in many other art exhibitions in Athens, but also in Chalkis and Paros. Since 2003, she has been a member of EETS as well as of the Union of Art Teachers Association. 
She lives and works in Athens.

Kelly Mentzou: Our Artists


TE, 2018
After, 2018
Offaly, 2017
My Death, 2015
Mama, 2016
Kelly Mentzou: Gallery
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