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Stathis Alexopoulos was born in 1976 in Athens, Greece, where he currently lives and works. His creations can be found in major museum art shops, galleries and private collections. These include the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Benaki Museum, Theocharakis Foundation and SNFCC. Big Municipalities in Greece, as well as abroad, are elaborately adorned with his large-scale sculptures. Furthermore, he has co-operated creatively with big companies in their advertising campaigns.
He studied Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Tinos, as well as Visual and Applied Arts at the Fine Art School of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, where he graduated with distinctions. He has participated in many group and solo exhibitions and won numerous awards in Greek or international sculpture gatherings. His work links the past with the present, bringing together the concepts of time with his artistic expression. His sculptures are very characteristic with distinct hubs, which are formed by blending belts and stripes, encircled and embraced eternally. This is his attempt to redefine the concept of traditional forms and hold them captive through the passage of time in the modern era. Alexopoulos is known for using Yves Klein Blue, a color that he finds stimulating and inspiring.

Stathis Alexopoulos: TeamMember


Love me
Infinity Silver
Little ducks
Love me Multicolored
Blue knot
Lucky Star Red
Pomegranate Gold
Lowpoly Golden duck
Infinity Pink
B&W French Bulldog
Pomegranate Red
Lucky 4 in plexiglass
Colorful French Bulldog
Marble Date
Lowpoly Mickey
Infinity Blue
Love me Multicolored in plexiglass
Infinity Black
B&W French Bulldog
Date Blue
Infinity Red
Infinity Gold
Colorful French Bulldog
Lucky Star Gold
Love me in plexiglass_blue heart
Lucky 4
Infinity Gold
Stathis Alexopoulos: Gallery
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